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Financial insitutions, Educational insitutions & Various online services

Financial insitutions

Financial insitutions are one of the most commonly targeted websites for phishing attacks.

Educational insitutions

Educational insitutions can be an easy way for potential intruders to get your personal information.

Various online services

Various online services hold peices of your information that can be used to gain access to other information.

Here, there,

and everywhere.

Mobile users are at higher risk for phishing attacks. Malicious sites prey on the fact that mobile users tend to check less thoroughly exactly what page they are on when going to login.
Avoid the risk, have piece of mind by using our portal to know you will be directed to the official, secure and safe login page of the website you're going to.
As a recommendation, even if you don't use our portal or website, don't load any website through an email you've recieved, instead load up your web browser and manually type in the URL of the page you are intending to access.

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The links you are provided have been thourighly checked for any security vulnurabilites.


We will monitor any link changes and automatically update our database with changed urls.


Any saved links in your account will be automatically managed to stay up to date.

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